Codemotion OnLine Italian Edition 2020

A real quick post to advise that I’ll be the Master of Ceremonies (MC) of the Third Day (2020, the November 26th) of Codemotion OnLine Italian Edition. Major Info on conference portal at

Seems yesterday I was invited to held the keynote of Codemotion Amsterdam 2019 , and immense pure joy, but during 2020, ’cause of the global pandemic, I was not able to join any event since February. Some light at the end of the tunnel, thanks again Codemotion Team who invited me to join the online version of the Italian Edition of the conference with an active role.

In details, “my day” will be totally dedicated to “AI/MACHINE LEARNING, TEAM & TECH CAREER” and this makes me just more than happy and honoured to be part of an amazing event.

My duties will consist in present speakers, drive the agenda during the whole day, address questions and supporting requests provided by the audience.

I still have two extra-Premium tickets to donate for free to my readers, so feel free to drop me an email through the Contact Form if you are interested in joining this incredible technical conference!

Codemotion Amsterdam 2019 slides are online!

Since 2012, I supported Codemotion through my different incarnation in different companies. Before as Developer Relations Manager in Intel, and then as Cloud Community Manager for Google.

Thanks to Codemotion I always had the chance to present and front of a wide audience of students, hobbiests, but mainly little or big professionals.

But in 2019, I had the amazing opportunity to open Codemotion Amsterdam 2019!

My talk was dedicated to IoT: in particular, my idea was to deliver something inspirational and technological at the same time, opening eyes on how much important is nowadays to bring intelligence directly to the edge in our IoT scenarios, avoiding useless consumptions of Cloud resources (internal and external network bandwidth, virtual machines configurations, etc…).

IoT revolution is ended. Thanks to hardware improvement, building an intelligent ecosystem is easier than never before for both startups and large-scale enterprises. The real challenge is now to connect, process, store and analyze data: in the cloud, but also, at the edge. We’ll give a quick look on frameworks that aggregate dispersed devices data into a single global optimized system allowing to improve operational efficiency, to predict maintenance, to track asset in real-time, to secure cloud-connected devices and much more.

Talk abstract

Now, the slides of my presentation are freely available on Slideshare under Creative Commons (CC) license.

For any info or question don’t hesitate to contact me!

Let me close, with few photos! 🙂