Reviving (or die trying)

After a long time, I am returning to write on the pages of this blog. I am so sorry. Maybe, you are thinking that it’s not so complex to find a brief time slot once a week to put down a few rows to keep my audience aligned on what I am doing, the news, and a few exciting projects I am working on. But, no, in the end, it’s really hard.

Let me resume the last few years: I started this blog as a showcase of what I was, and what I was capable of. At the time, I was quitting Google, as Google Cloud Platform Community Manager for EMEA, and I was terrified I should not be able to find another excellent (or, at least, good) job. With the term “excellent” or “good”, I don’t mean in the sense of “profitable”; in fact, earning money and saving them for the future was never the point for me. I never worked for the profit. I swear. 

I always did it for me: the actual income was my joy in exploring something new, to feel I was a big gear in a massive mechanism. Something relevant. Someone on the stage presenting geeky stuff, always protagonist, always in touch with his community. Consider that: back in 2011, I started working for Intel, directly before completing my university degree, then I switched to Google. Two huge companies. One after another. I was young, and I started directly flying in the sky touching the stars. Leaving Google was equal to fall back on the earth. At the time, I was saying to myself “ok, now I need to jump into another big tech company. I need to do it. It’s life or death”. 

So, I started the blog.

I needed to showcase recruiters more than what was on my cv or on my LinkedIn profile.

Since then, things changed a lot. I stopped challenging myself. I was forced to refocus. To re-evaluate my aspirations, what’s really important for me, and, probably most important, to find a new balance between my personal life and my job. 

Today, I am back. Back to find again joy in what I am doing, besides what it brings to my career, to my resume. 

Author: Francesco

Developer Relations and Programs Manager. Technical Evangelist and Advocate. Community Leader. Author and Editor. A 16bit heart beats in my chest. Proud Geek and Nerd. Mechanist and Rationalist. #LGBT Advocate. ((he/him))

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